About me

I’m one of the co-founders of Appropedia, and those who know me know my passion for this knowledge sharing project.

I also do some consulting on knowledge management in development and sustainability, but my availability is very limited at the moment (as of December 2009). Contact me for more information.

Appropedia stuff:

Follow Appropedia on WordPress.com

See our main blog on Appropedia’s own site.

Best of all, visit and contribute to the wiki: Appropedia.org, wiki for sustainable development, permaculture, open development… all that good stuff!

Appropedia Social Media:

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For Akvo.org and UNESCO-IHE I did an analysis of collaborations on Open Source Appropriate Technology, which included a comparison of Green wikis and development wikis.

My personal blog is at Pablo Garuda on Livejournal.

My userpage on Appropedia.

And here I am on:

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